A little background…

Netbeans.  Love it!  I shed my text editors and command prompts about 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  And now my greatest fear about using an IDE has come true:  I’m a lazy, know-nothing, IDE-dependent programmer!   Ok, that was a little rough.  Nothing wrong with being an IDE-dependent programmer.  I’m more productive than ever now because of Netbeans…especially in my Swing programming!  But I’m becoming very comfortable (hence the lazy/know-nothing…or should I say learn-nothing).   So, I decided to switch my current project from having a Swing interface to a browser-based app using all this cool, shiny, new crap (JSF, AJAX, Spring, Hibernate, and…….Web Services).

Ok, well JSF is a bugger, but at least it does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.  IDE support is getting better every month.   Spring and Hibernate…I’ll be getting to that later, so I don’t want to comment on it, yet.  And then there’s Web Services.   Remember how hard it was to learn OOP, Java, Swing, and all that? (or maybe it was a walk in the park for you…not me).   Well, Web Services is like that.  It’s hard.

First I thought, “Netbeans has got my back.  I’m not going to have to learn SHIT!   Drag, drop, fill-in-the blank, and BAM…Web Services.  Hello World?  No problem.  What’s all the fuss?  This is easy.  First real-world web service?  A little Googling, a little reading, not easy, but it works.  I’ve got it.  I’m da MAN!   Second real-world web web service? RRRRRRRRRRR CrashHHHH!”

So I’m sitting here with SOA Using Java Web Services by Mark D. Hansen and it’s clear to me now that there is no short-cut here to mastering Java Web Services (JWS).  I’m just going to have to learn it.   REALLY learn it.  My goal is to learn this stuff and figure out how to do it with Netbeans so that I can forget it all over again….and I’ll write about it here!

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