Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 3

Why would I, a hard-core Netbeans junky, download Oracle’s 750 MB JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview? (3% on the download) I who have devoted myself to Netbeans since before 3.6!!!?

The answer is simple:

ADF Faces

I attended the 2007 Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco and attended a hands-on tutorial session for ADF Faces in JDeveloper 11g. When the session was over, I felt like I had accomplished as much as I could have accomplished in Netbeans Matisse/GUI Builder! And I live and breathe Swing on a daily basis! AND THE WIDGETS! I have never seen such an array of reusable drag n drop components! AND ALL FOR FREE!!!

So, I have a decision to make for my team. We are embarking on a large project to convert a large-scale Powerbuilder/Oracle system to a web application. My first inclination was to go with Java Swing on the front with some kind of web framework or web services on the middle. We’d use Java Web Start to deploy it and everyone would be happy…that is, except for the dinosaurs who are still concerned about java clients and JRE versions. Ok, fine! You want a browser?! You got it! Enter JSF. Netbeans and JSF has not impressed me, yet. Will we go with ADF? Maybe JBoss’s RichFaces? Dunno…

(33% on the download)

So, I’m waiting for this massive download full of juicy Oracle goodness, wondering if I can recreate the magic that I experienced in San Francisco last November. Was it really THAT good? Or was I still buzzing from the night before?

David on the far right having fun at Oracle OpenWorld 2007

Me (on the far right) having fun with the Estonians at Oracle OpenWorld 2007!


I’ll let you know!



  1. Good luck with this one – I think you are on the right track – Swing seems to be on the way down – and JSF is definitely on the way up.

    If you want to do the exact tutorial you did at OOW then follow this link:

    Then you can learn more about actually tying the UI to the database part with the other tutorials here:

  2. Thanks, Shay! This tutorial is the stuff of legend, my friend. 😉 It, even more than partying with the Estonians on OTN Event Night amongst very hot dancing imps and a freaky magic giant and the stellar concert with Stevie Nicks, made my week at OpenWorld worthwhile! I’ll be sure to blog my progress with it here.

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