ADF Table Component and ADF Binding: Step 7 Issue – continued

As it turns out, I was having browser issues. Because the application was running fine in Firefox, I figured there must be a problem with my Internet Explorer 7. I uninstalled IE 7 only to find that ADF Faces does not support IE6. When I reinstalled IE7, the application began working.


“ADF Faces requires Firefox or later, or IE 7.0 or later.”

My employer, a large U.S. Government agency, has not approved IE7 for use. We’re required to use IE6 or Firefox. The only reason I have IE7 is because I’m special…or maybe it’s because they give software developers administrative privileges on their machines…not sure.

I’m going to have a hard time convincing my team to go with ADF Faces knowing that it will not run properly in Internet Explorer on 99% of our customers’ machines.

This could be a show stopper. Perhaps I’ll just pretend that I don’t know this little bit of information and continue on with the tutorial in state of ignorant bliss.

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