Tutorial Weirdness

In doing “Developing a Visual Web JSF Application” tutorial again, I’m remembering why I was not pleased. Something feels weird about the design of the tutorial application. Although, it is really cool that you can bind a drop down list component to a database table, it seems like a terrible design. I was shocked to find data retrieval code written directly into the backing bean (SessionBean1). In my opinion, this is an unacceptable design. The low-level data retrieval code should be totally separate from the view and controlling components. I don’t care how basic an application it is, you don’t mix these layers up! It would be much better to bind to a bean or a web service. Where’s reusability? Where’s MVC?

I will not be able to tell whether this tool is appropriate for our project until I see that it can handle a REAL-WORLD design. It is a deception on the part of Netbeans to present this as if it were a typical web application. Only a college freshman (maybe) would design a web app this way!

Netbeans!!!! Start us off with a feel for how this tool works in a real-world scenario…even if you have to write some of the code yourself to deliver with the tutorial!

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