Obstacle #2: Scrolls

I’ve been using the Glassfish Admin Console application as a model for how my prototype looks. It’s built in Woodstock JSF, and I think it is a nice example. I was a little disappointed to find out that they achieved the scroll bar for the Navigation tree with Frames, but it seems to work well.

So my current solution for Scrolls is Frames.

Frames, in fact, are used to layout the entire Glassfish Admin Console application (too decent effect). So my prototype looks almost exactly like the Glassfish app.



  1. Hi David,

    First, I’d like to thank you very much for share your experiences with Netbeans/Visual Web/Woodstock.
    It is interesting how the histories get repeated all over the World. I’m in Brazil and facing almost the same situation: we have to change a MS-Access/VBA desktop application to some new and more robust technology, like Java/JSF.
    In our case we have some previous experience in Netbeans/VWP/Woodstock. But we miss some basic components, like, for instance, the menu bar, an almost ubiquitous component in a desktop app. So, in the absence of the menu bar component, we decide to go with the tree component, like the Sun App Console and, about this, I would like to know how did you manage to put the tree component in a separated frame? By the way, did you try to find out some alternative to the tree component for the system menu?
    Our team are considering to try out some other JSF component suite, like JBoss RichFaces, because Woodstock currently has a limited component set, when compared with others frameworks. Have you already decided about which component suite to use? For us, of course, the WYSIWYG feature of the VisualWeb/Woodstock is a very positive point that make us to think twice before completely abandon NB/VisualWeb.


  2. We ended up going with IceFaces, although I do really like the VisualWeb WYSIWYG tool in Netbeans. Woodstock has a nice feel and a lot of helpful widgets. We wanted something with more AJAX.

    For the frames, just look at the browser’s page source for the Glassfish Admin GUI.

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