Undesirable reloads with JSF Tree component

I’ve parted ways with the tutorial offering from Netbeans. I’m wishing they had a tutorial that really takes advantage of the wider offering of Woodstock components. Instead, I’m taking a risk and jumping straight into some prototyping for our project. I’m finding a lot of cool stuff, but if there’s a gold mine of resources out there for using this tool, I haven’t yet found it.


1.) Every click on a Tree component causes a page reload. On the page reload, the components do a funky little dance. I’m guess it’s taking a moment to apply the styles.

2.) Scrolls for my Tree? Will I have to use Frames?

3.) The Group Panel Layout promise an optional Separator between components. Haven’t figured it out.

Ok. Let’s started with #1, because it comes first numerically and because it’s the only one I’ve solved.

Solution to #1:

Check the clientSide property


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