Some really good Visual Web JSF links

Dr. Winston Prakash is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems and works on Visual Web in Netbeans (formerly known as Project RAVE and Java Studio Creator). I’ve run into 3 really good pages that have this guy’s name on them:

Understanding Netbeans Visual JSF Web Application

This is a great article about what Netbeans Visual JSF does for you in your JSF programming. If you’re already familiar with JSF and you want to understand what Visual JSF is actually doing, then you need to check this out from the Visual Web guru. It gives a basic summary of the technology and it shows details about what code gets generated, what libraries get included, what happens at run time, and understanding the life cycle of a managed bean.

If you are interested in reading the minds of the Visual JSF team to see what you might expect in the future, read this wiki page:

Architectural Changes for Visual Web Next

Reading it is a similar experience to when I was a kid reading the Holiday edition of the Sears catalog and circling the things I wanted from Santa with a crayon. But just as the bold red disclaimer at the top of the wiki page points out, Santa makes NO PROMISES.


And finally, Using the Java Persistence API with a Visual JSF Web Application . I will spend my work day stepping through this tutorial and telling you what I think. It was just one of those golden titles that showed up while I was googling for answers. I haven’t used JPA yet, but I’m sure interested in it. It piqued my interest at both the Javaone and Oracle OpenWorld conferences last year.

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