First day with Eclipse Europa and JBoss Tools 2.0

Eclipse launches quickly.

Eclipse crashed 6 times.  3 times in the Database Development perspective and 3 times in the JPA perspective.  I’ll see about tracking the actual sequence of events and errors in the future, but I just didn’t have the patience yesterday to do anything but throw immature little hissy fits.  I still haven’t successfully used the JPA “Generate Entities” function.

I learned that you have to run an update on the Data Tools Platform in order to set up database connection profiles properly.

I like the concept of perspectives, but I’m still getting used to them.

I question whether JBoss Tools is going to give me a proper means of comparing with Netbeans.  I’m thinking seriously of purchasing JBoss Developer Studio.  After 1 day of trial, I haven’t even touched the JSF stuff.  I’ve spent most of my time installing plugins, updates, and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Not a stellar start, but I’m trusting in the multitude of Eclipse fans out there to have a good reason to love this development platform.


  1. Thanks, Max, for your interest. It’s a fun coincidence that I’ve been reading you on the JBoss forum all morning.

    I’m using Eclipse 3.3.1.

    I agree with you on the JPA Generate Entities (Dali JPA?). Can I assume that is is a not a part of the JBoss Tools offering but a part of another plugin? If it is, however, a part of JBoss Tools…then why? I’ll be spending some time with Hibernate Tools.

    Sounds like an upgrade to Eclipse 3.3.2 is in order.

    I’ll post any issues and questions on JBoss forums.

    Please accept blessings and thanks from a humble RAJP!

  2. I’m using the eclipse ee europa package (3.3.2) and the latest jbosstools.

    It doesn’t work nicely at all.

    Auto-complete hangs eclipse and the jsp’s can’t see the beans – what use is this at all?

  3. My true hope is that Netbeans and JSF will find a way to allow us to configure the Netbeans Visual JSF tool to work with other implementations of JSF besides Woodstock (Rich Faces, for example). Netbeans is becoming too good an IDE to just start all over with a v1.0 IDE like JBoss. Nevertheless, I’m purchasing the $99 Developer Studio to see what it can do.

  4. oh yes, 2 tips:

    when you create your jsf project, don’t create your runtime/server at the same time or you’ll just get an NPE when trying to start the server (jboss 4.2).

    use the jsf 1.2 library only, the 1.1 reference implementation doesn’t work, and 1.2 with facelets crashed eclipse (milage may vary).

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