Java 7 (2011) and Java 8 (2012)- “Let’s get the platform moving again.”

Lest there be any doubt of Oracle’s commitment to the Java SE core, Mark Reinholt shared the previously TOP-SECRET projections for future Java SE releases. He shared his wishlist of core language enhancements which I’m quite sure some other blogger (most likely a JE…Java Expert) will cover ad nauseum (thank you, by the way, whomever you are, that will be awesome).  I look forward to be as confused about Lambda’s as I was about Generics.

The reason I am excited, is that I don’t want to believe that Java is becoming a legacy platform…like my first two platforms did (COBOL and Powerbuilder).   I’m sensing a willingness from Oracle to take some bold moves to bring Java into the 21st century of coding innovation.


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