soup-profileMy name is David Wilson-Burns.  I’m just a regular working software developer. I’ve been a professional programmer since 1998 starting with COBOL then Powerbuilder and it’s been java since 2001.   Most of my work is with various flavors of Java EE components (web services, Stripes Framework, Spring, JSP, Servlets, JPA, EJBs, Spring).   Along with that, naturally, comes CSS, HTML, Javascript, Angular.  Whatever it takes to keep my boss and customers happy.

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My Wife Says I’m Complicated -Personal Blog

So yeah, complicated.  I wouldn’t choose to be any other way.  These are my  personal musings on life.

Whiff– Fiction Serial (in progress)

Based on the completed fiction serial, The Smell Collector, Whiff tells the story of Jim Bronson and Marie Bellman. Jim has an unusual hobby. He collects smells. Marie happens to have the most beautiful smell. What happens when Jim tries to collect Marie? A humorous, quirky, possibly disturbing but definitely heartwarming tale of two lonely-hearts who are brought together by the fragrance of their lives.

Bay City Runaway -Fiction Serial (in progress)

Brian Roberts is a lonely drunk living a few blocks from San Francisco’s China Town. One night he finds a girl at his doorstep, a young runaway, and his life takes a turn.







  1. Hi Sir!
    i’m frm india.
    i’m also a simple java user; desperate to go on with the java technology with deep knowledge of OOP.
    It was nice to read about u.
    i’m at the beginners’ stage so if u can help me in any way i’ll b highly grateful to u…

    thanks sir,


  2. Hi David,

    i’m a developer using .net technology with all the business logic behind stored procedures…

    i read your Why I chose O/R Mapping (JPA) over Stored Procedures for CRUD article, and tried to learn more about this aproach but without sucess… 😦

    i can’t understand this aproach because i can’t see where i but all the business logic, like can’t update record withou the kind permissions, or can’t aprove the form without insert an important field…

    when i generate the entity from class using the netbeans, it generates all the fields, but the only way to save the record change is using commit? where do i put the between layer? using glassfish server and mysql or mssql?

    if you could help me in change thinking of this aproach i would be very apreciated…maybe you could show me an example using the same objective like using .net with the form action button sending the form data to a stored procedure, and the stored procedure throws the error saying no permission or executing and throws form saved with sucess.. 🙂

    thank you for your awesome articles,


    • First off, I don’t know anything about .Net. I prefer permissions to be handled in the Controller components in the Model View Controller design pattern, not in the stored procedures. In Java, the business logic would be in an EJB or in some sort of POJO class the operates on the JPA entity beans.

      I don’t fully understand your comments, so feel free to ask more questions and clarify.

      • Hi David,

        thank you for your answer…

        i’ll try to clarify my question:

        the way i have the things until today are:

        i create a form with a grid populated from a stored procedure, and when a user clicks and edit a row, it shows a form with the data. when click in save button it uses a stored procedure to update the record with every business logic in it. If it is not possible change the record, then the stored procedure throws the error that it could not update record.

        when i read your article, i could not figured out how to put this kind of business logic in your model, jpa, ejb, etç…

        what i’m trying is to use the same separated business model from the app itself, like i have now with the permissions, rules, etç implemented in sql server.

        how can i implement this using java? i only developed java in school and it was a long time ago and simple examples like insert into sql…

        like: create a table in sql, generate entity class from database, and where do i put the business logic to the actions to database? glassfish?

        if you could help in, maybe with an article or tutorial using this kind of architecture, it would be really useful. i searched for crud applications, ejb, glassfish, but not found . Your article is very good showing the diference, between using stored procedures and jpa, but now i would try to use this kind of thinking in a real situation but no good…

        thank you…


  3. This is not a very helpful answer, I know, but the problem you are describing is what Java Enterprise Edition as a whole seeks to solve. That’s what a middle tier is. This is where you want to start: how to build a Java EE app. As far as how to do CRUD. That’s what JPA solves so beautifully. There are many tutorials on both of these technologies. Netbeans will generate the JPA Entity Beans if you give it a schema. It will even generate a basic set of EJBs to handle the basic CRUD on the Entity Beans. Then it’s a matter of calling these classes from your web tier with technologies like Servlet, JSP, JSF, Stripes, Spring MVC.

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